VarnEnt was founded in 1995 by Gregory Varnum.
Our goal is to help you achieve your goals!

VarnEnt works with your nonprofit or small business to develop and build your organization's capacity and impact. We offer a range of services to help your organization with its program development, political advocacy, community engagement, or technology needs.

By strengthening the skills of your organization's people, developing and promoting your product, and improving your processes - we will help your organization achieve its goals! Whatever your needs, VarnEnt will help you identify the best approach, develop a plan, and stand with you as you execute it.


    Every organization needs great people to succeed.


    Every organization, even nonprofits, have a "product" that they are making available.


    Process is how a great product with great people behind get out to your constituents.


Available to help your nonprofit or small business.
Capacity Building

VarnEnt can help your organization identify the best strategy to prepare for the future. Whether you are gearing up for growth or anticipating a tumultuous climate, we can help you get ready.

Community Engagement

VarnEnt can help you engage your constituents utilizing traditional communications methods – such as press releases and advertising – and new media methods – such as Facebook and Twitter.

Digital Services

VarnEnt can help your organization with a wide range of digital services. We can help you get more out of a number of your digital services – including WordPress, Drupal, eCRM systems, and social media.

Political Advocacy

VarnEnt can help your organization develop a strategy to navigate the political world and further your goals. Put our experience with local, state, federal, and international politics to work for you.

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